Amphibia fanfiction anne sick. Anne knew the Plantars must be worried sick for her. 6 months ago LeonardoSedgwick. Suddenly, the edge breaks apart as Anne then falls into the darkness too. A second season premiered on July 11, 2020, and a third season premiered on October 2, 2021. At least, until he meets the lion centaur, Leon, and gets a brand new life. "Well well look who came crawling back," Anne heard. He's not trying to get amphibia to join amphibia. Ever asked her what you wanted? I don't even know what I want anymore. They all still wore their school uniforms, though Marcy had a coat on over hers. YOU ARE READING. However yesterday morning she’d woken up sniffling. hoppop. Report Save Follow. A group of 4 middle school students decided to sneak into a thrift shop and steel a ancient and mysterious gold music box that zaps then into another dimension where anthropomorphic frogs exist on a giant lily pad shaped island named "Amphibia". She was now living a very peaceful . Amphibia (Cartoon) Relationships: Anne Boonchuy & Sasha Waybright; Anne Boonchuy/Sasha Waybright; . You pick up the blade, feeling the edges and chinks in the metal. If the others notice how Marcy’s hands shake or Sasha’s keeping hold of her swords they don’t say anything. Marcy, Anne and Sasha spend a gaming afternoon together, but when the former attempts to explain to the latter two what the basics of a strategy video game are the outcome turns out to be quite an intense one. " Anne appears beside you in an instant, crouching down. " Anne steps closer. But, Sasha has been seeing Anne in a different way since her return from La, causing s. Marcy gives her a smile before grabbing the container of honey. Welp, after being the third most commented Amphibia fanfic in all of AO3, I don't think anything can surprise me anym-IT'S THE SECOND NOW?!?!?!?!?!?! *literally dies* (Thank you all so much for reading and commenting! You guys are the best! This probably won't get to #1 because that's like 1300+ comments, but I'm more than happy with this! Anne whimpered softly. I'm gonna be sick!" "Oh, well, Anne, escort her to the sick room," said Mrs. Pre-Episode: s01e01 Anne or Beast?/Best Fronds. ) ANNE'S AID. Your greatest adventure ~ Anne Boonchuy x Male Reader Fanfiction. Only a few weeks in and Anne was having trouble. The starry nights in Amphibia always seemed to possess a sort-of magical vibe to everyone living around the valleys, towns, and villages, especially to those who live in a not-so sleepy town known simply as Wartwood. She was a teenage girl of tall height, with a slender build. . Growling Allen ran over and grabbed her arm. Don't get her wrong she has learned to love this place and have made great friends, but Anne can't help but want to interact with a member of her own species. I’m sorry Sasha. Anne Snaps park_8gay. "Sasha?" Outside of the shop and looking at Anne through a large window were two girls. Time of the Month Chapter 2, an amphibia fanfic | FanFiction. The first time they return to Amphibia it’s a year to the day of their first trip there. Anne took a deep breath as she continued to walk the forest. “No you don’t. Anne got up and took Sasha out of the room, earning glares from Ash and Marcy. Hop pop, Sprig, and Polly are glad that Anne is ok until Anne/Marcy reveal to them that this isn’t Anne and that is Marcy. "I said. Amphibia. The following is a list of episodes for the American animated television series Amphibia created by Matt Braly that premiered on Disney Channel on June 17, 2019. Anne is certainly not having a crush on Sasha; why would she when she's so cool, pretty, charming, and incredible? . She was happy to learn she isn't the only human in this strange world. Share. Without hesitation Sasha let go of Anne's hand. Apprehension immediately swelled within her. "When you guys get hurt or sick who takes care of you?" Sprig exchanged a glance with a Polly, who was still perched on Anne's head. Reply. In Wartwood, a successful mission by Sasha leads to a celebration full of dancing. "Come one!" Allen said yanking her out of her shoe. Chapter 1: Prologue. level 1 · 6 mo. #1. 3k. She has blonde hair wrapped in a ponytail and almond-shaped eyes and black pupils. I thought she cared for me. To start off, I'd like to rec the classic Blue Flashes: Humans are weird. As she's trying to find a way to return to Amphibia, Sasha and Grime are gathering an army to try and stop King Andrias from invading Earth. When they got back home Mrs Boonchuy helped her daughter inside and took her straight to her bed and tucked her in to Anne shook her head, "She just didn't want to get sick. no no No NO NO!! STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID!”. "Let's go!" "Wait my shoe!" Anne said. Romance Amphibia Oc Oc X Canon. Search: Amphibia season 2 The following is a list of episodes for the American animated television series Amphibia created by Matt Braly that premiered on Disney Channel on June 17, 2019. Now she realizes that she's completely forgot about those boys when she returned to Earth. She blinked a few times to find instead of green liquid, a wooden roof. A large strike of lightning strikes the birthday mud cake with the lit candles, making the mud splatter onto her face. Anne said when she steps in a muddy pit making her right shoe fall in. Anne couldn't recall how and when she ended up traveling through here all alone. It was not that far from the middle school they all went to, and he finally reached it a few minutes later, spotting the three girls over by a bench. This is purely a non-profit fanfic made for fun. She enjoys the company of the townspeople, but it would be nice . "This needs a good cleaning. The one and only subreddit for Disney's Amphibia! The cartoon follows Anne Boonchuy, a fearless 13-year old that is magically transported to the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, California with the Plantars, her talking-frog family! 30. Since she had no tools on hand she'd have to stuff a few tissues into her. Anne held the golden music box in No Angst. What if. When his friends Marcy, Anne and Sasha rope him into helping Anne steal a music box, things seem to be going terribly wrong for him. I haven't seen her or Sasha since I got . "Hey Sash!" called Anne when they got to the nurse's office, "Sick room's right here. Anne was excited to be reunited with Sasha at first. This looks incredible! . Amphibia Fanfic (temporary title) by jakespidermonkey1994 reviews Anne returns home, but is still trying to process what happened to Marcy. Cornwallis. It was the aftermath of defeating the Cloak-bot and Anne was still out in the car after using more of her calamity power's, Sprig, Hop Pop and Polly were at her side worrying for their friend. " Charlie thought to himself. harem. "Your ride will arrive soon. As alarming as the Amphibians were, it was another group that didn’t exist in Amphibia. On Earth, during the time Anne was on Amphibia, the FBI thought Anne died but she was still alive she woke up but Marcy was in her body, and when waking up the FBI put “Anne” into the cell. Tears stream down her face, blinding her vision. She didn't come because she cared about her health. Terri was by a warehouse, along with Dr. "Allen help!" Turning around Allen saw Anne struggle to escape while the big mantis was approaching fast. Hunter is a 13-year-old boy who loves drawing. In the two and a half months since being back on earth they had been catching up with school and healing from the fight. Ongoing. Marcy always says "An organized mind is a happy mind", and I guess she would know. (I hope she's okay. Anne began crying and tackle to people to the ground. You’re sick,” Marcy interrupts kindly, placing the steaming liquid on the recently cleared nightstand. Posted by Author Posted on April 27, 2022 0 0 . Chapter 6: The Concussion Summary: Sasha gets a concussion (it was bound to happen at some point) Notes: ITS SHORT SORRY A The following is a list of episodes for the American animated television series Amphibia created by Matt Braly that premiered on Disney Channel on June 17, 2019. Wow. Sasha and Anne talk about Their Friendship over the years, until Anne brings up a Something that Reveals Sasha's 3 year long Secret. As Hop Pop walked into his office, Anne was suddenly struck by the realization that she hadn't seen a single hospital in Wartwood since her arrival. 1. Their arms are too long and ungainly. ago. I love you. "Huh," you say, because finding weapons in weird places has become commonplace as of late. “Sit. " said the tall frog. And humans were the strangest by far. "A Moth to a Flame"-Amphibia AU! A Commission piece for @magicman111 from tumblr! Based on their fanfiction! (Link to fanfiction in comments) Fanwork (Original) Close. "I figured you would be up here," a voice said, and the teen turned to find Captain Grime in the doorway. they never left? But if they went back to earth, will they revert back to kids, just like in Narnia? AMPHIBIA future AU doodle! Sashanne Stories. sweetness meme amphibia. She sucked in her breath to prevent another scream from coming out. Fanfic: A Misunderstanding, Amphibia | FanFiction. marcy_wu amphibia fanart hoppop fanartfriday anne_boonchuy anneboonchuy amphibiafanart sprigplantar pollyplantar hoppopplantar sprig_plantar polly_plantar sashawaybright sasha_waybright marcywu. She'd expect the school to be different from the ones she had previously attended, and she was right, more than right actually. 0. I’m sorry Anne. " Hop pops looks at hop pop. ” Anne acquiesces, settling back onto the bed and grabbing her phone to toss it aside. Ongoing, First published Jul 17, 2020. She kicks the now burnt pile of mud and sticks, and runs back to her cave. Summary. When they opened their eyes, they found themselves in a giant theater with some familiar people. Falling fast she closes her eyes as a sickling sound . Especially Anne, a young energetic and fear less 13 year old girl who had been stuck in Wart Wood for quite a long time. The series features the voices of Brenda Song, Justin Felbinger, Bill Farmer, and Amanda Leighton. Their legs are twice the length of frog legs, but they can only . marcy. Fanfic: Hurt, Amphibia | FanFiction Ivy and Sprig were bug hunting until Ivy's mother Felicia interuptted by intercom bee causing her to fall down from the tree when they were trying to catch a shiny rare bug making it fly away, Ivy Anne came over to Charlie and hugged him, leaving him to blush again as he felt like his heart was beating faster from it. Time 2h 38m. Chapter 1: Anne or Beast? Maybe this isn't exactly the best time to start a journal, but I feel like if I want to keep what remains of my sanity, I should start organizing my thoughts. Jan, building a portal with Anne while the rest of her family are watching TV when a bright light blinded them. Pre-Canon. 752 33 8. Of coarse she was upset about Sasha and Marcy, that was expected. When Marcy opened her eyes, all she saw was the glass container. bleeding Anne's Journal. r/amphibia. Time. Anne had no idea how she was gonna get through the traumatic experience that all women go through, why now of all times did she have to suffer her first period? Then again she is a teenager, the transitional phase from child to adult. Calamity Box (Disney: Amphibia) Fanfiction; Anne Boonchuy Has Calamity Powers; Marcy Wu Has Calamity Powers; Sasha Waybright Has Calamity Powers; Pre-Amphibia (Cartoon) Season/Series 01; Just passing through amphibia by Dratinibro. Hey guys, thought that this would be a nice start to discuss Amphibia fic ideas and such with everything that we've gotten over the course of this show. She screams while falling, but she then sees the ground. . In this Amphibia fanfic, Anne and Sprig traveled into a cave and found a box that was similar to the "Calamity Box" that took Anne into the world of Amphibia but this box ended up permanently giving Anne elastic powers. Season 3 is on hiatus. " said Anne with a grin. THIS IS FROGGIN SICK. Alexander was found in amphibia by the plantars as a baby and when he was found he had a weird belt and a camera now that he's 14 he hopes to become the worlds protector. Then you find the sword, and it's not so tiny anymore. This Amphibia fan-fiction was in collaboration with GodzillaFanKM14 who helped me with the story's dialogue while I did the story narrative. Language: Anne Boonchuy is new to Saint James High School, she moved to California recently and she got the chance to attend one of the most prestigious schools. "Anne said I look handsome. It took a few seconds when Eddie steps up to laid them off very gently. First published Jul 17, 2020. Ducktaleslover. Anne 2. If grime gets amphibia to join amphibia, then hop pop and grime can be together. The first one was Sasha, the ever-same girl that Anne wanted to be friends with. The one and only subreddit for Disney's Amphibia! The . She pulled the axolotl plushie close to her chest. 54. “No. He's trying to get them to surrender and give him amphibia. Anne turned around and to her shock and horror saw Sasha giving her a glare. Tears fill Anne’s eyes. She gestures for Anne’s input, who nods her head in agreement. Between the sounds of chirping crickets, buzzing fireflies, and . One Shot. I know what you want. Anne felt overwhelmed when they were crowded, but felt touched when her oldest friends were worried sick. Pre-Amphibia, One-Shot. " As Anne leaves, Darrel starts to talk to himself, "If Sasha was your friend, she would've checked up on you. Anne and Sasha smiled at each other as they ran through the halls. "Captain Grime," he answered, nearly saluting the toad before remembering that he didn't have to do that . "He looks fabulous. Hop pops looks at hop pop. Sprig!: Hi I'm Sprig! 🐸 Anne: And I'm Anne! 👧🏽 Sprig and Anne: And together we're Spranne! 👧🏽🐸 Anne: Basically in this story you get to ask me and Sprig any questions you want! Sep 24, 2020. A dummy had been placed in the room, and he practiced trusts and attacks, his blows precise and, if the dummy had been alive, deadly. 2 hours, 38 minutes 2h 38m. " "Oh, alright," said Sasha. "Charlie, you look so handsome in this suit. "Look, hop pop, you have to do what's right. Falling to her death "SASHA! NOOOO!" Anne screams as Sasha disappeared into the darkness. Anne's Calamity Growth (An Amphibia FMG Fanfic) It was a bright, beautiful sunny day in Amphibia. Mammals. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping happily, and everyone was peace fully happy.

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